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Vox Oculis Trilogy: Book 1


What if the fire that left you the last of your kind ... didn't?


For four and a half years, all Blue has been looking for is a normal life after losing her family in a suspicious fire. But what is normal for a fourteen-year-old that can hear what no one else can? And what should she do when she hears something that presents a tantalizing opportunity to avenge her family? With an unexpected new friend and ally, she comes up with a slam-dunk plan. All she has to do is risk everything, including both of their lives.

Praise for Book 3 Forest :

"A beautifully crafted, riveting tale ... Martin covers timeless themes of friendship and the strength of love along with teen angst, mental illness, homelessness, runaway youths and exploitation, drugs and prostitution ... Many YA novels delve into similar themes, but few do it so beautifully."                     

                                                                                              -The Prairies Book Review

“Martin seals the Vox Oculis trilogy with an explosive final installment that leaves readers hanging by a thread until the very end.”                       

                                                                                           -The BookLife Prize


“This fast-paced sci-fi thriller is crafted with wit and ingenuity … emotionally riveting and intriguing.”                       

                                                                                           -San Francisco Book Review

NthSense Books is an indie publisher of sci-fi YA thrillers with a focus on hard science and Vermont history and culture.

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