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Vox Oculis Trilogy: Book 3

Frederic Martin


Running from her past, Blue finds herself crashing right back into it in this exciting and emotional finale to the Vox Oculis trilogy.


Vox oculis ability allows Blue and Will to delve into the hidden thoughts behind people’s words and emotions, but what happens when that insight leads them astray?


Blue’s unexpected encounter with Babineau’s bodyguard causes her to disappear in the belief that it is the best path to protect herself, her friends, and the O’Days. But during her months-long exile, flashes of her past pop up everywhere, uncovering a tapestry of truths that draws everyone she was trying to protect into a deadly confrontation that no one could predict . . .

"Brilliantly wholesome and deeply heartening … A true page-turner. Martin covers timeless themes of friendship and the strength of love along with teen angst, mental illness, homelessness, runaway youths and exploitation, drugs and prostitution, integrity, courage, and inner strength, while illustrating the effects of trauma. Many YA novels delve into similar themes, but few do it so beautifully. A beautifully crafted, riveting tale; memorable and satisfying."

- The Prairies Book Review


"This fast-paced sci-fi thriller is crafted with wit and ingenuity … emotionally riveting and intriguing."

- San Francisco Book Review

"Martin seals the Vox Oculis trilogy with an explosive final installment that leaves readers hanging by a thread until the very end."

-The BookLife Prize

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