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Book 3 is ready at last.

Publishing September 1st!

It's always satisfying holding the real deal in your hand even if it is a proof copy.

It's been an interesting journey, my quest to become a bona fide author in the eyes of readers, critics, and myself. There is an ocean of books out there thanks to the self-publishing revolution and I am but a speck in that ocean. All I can say is I am enjoying myself and hope that at least a few people find some enjoyment and maybe even a little insight into human nature after reading what I have written.

You can download book 1, (still free!) here: Not Alone on Amazon You can purchase book 2, (still $0.99!) here: The Innocence of Westbury on Amazon And you can preorder book 3, ($0.99 'til Aug 1st) here: Forest on Amazon

And if you want to download a free advanced reader copy (ARC) of “Forest” (which has a few typos) you can download it here, but you have to promise (honor system!) to rate and review on Goodreads before Sept 1st. That helps get some ratings on record before publication:

Have a great summer!


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