• frederic_martin


Updated: Oct 3, 2019

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are an ARC reader/blogger/reviewer reading Vox Oculis: Not Alone via NetGalley. That's because Not Alone, as well as this website, is a debut for me as an author/publisher. That makes this a pre-launch website and blog. Upon publication of Not Alone, I am likely to reset the blog and the website but for now, it is a way to keep previewers up-to-date and to incorporate your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for picking Not Alone to read and review! I welcome all feedback, positive and negative for the book, the theme, this website, and whatever else you'd like to share. Use the Contact tab to submit feedback directly to me, or you can, of course, provide feedback through NetGalley. I look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to host your best quotes and reviews on the book cover and website.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy reading Not Alone.


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