• Frederic Martin

Not Alone $0.99 until 2020-9-6

Thank you, subscribers, followers, and entrants to the GoodReads giveaway, for your interest in my debut novel "Not Alone," the first book of the Vox Oculis trilogy. As a thank-you to those who signed up for the GoodReads giveaway and did not win, but would still like to read "Not Alone," I have lowered the price of the ebook (for everyone) to $0.99 (U.S.) through Sunday, September 6th! After that, it goes back up to $4.99!

For those of you that have already read "Not Alone" and are looking forward to Book 2, "The Innocence of Westbury," I am putting the finishing touches in now and sending the manuscript out for proofing over the next few weeks. Expect a lot more dynamics between Blue and Will, along with some surprising new storyline elements and, I am afraid to say, somewhat of a cliff-hanger ending! Sorry, that's just the way the story goes, however, Book 3 is well on its way with a very satisfying (at least to me!) resolution. I hope you find it so, too. And I will be sure to let you know of price promotions and giveaways on both of those books!

Thanks again, and stay tuned!


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